Akashic Records: Collective Keepers of Divine Expression

Live Your Life Purpose. Increase Your Spirituality, Healing and Wisdom. Understand Your Personal Destiny.

Akashic Records - Lumari's book teaches you about the Wisdom of the Ages

Learn about the Akashic Records and the Beings who hold the Wisdom of the Ages

Understand your Destiny.
Heal your Past.
Increase your Awareness.

Lumari's book, AKASHIC RECORDS, is the first book to interview and channel direct communication with the Akashic. In this clear, engaging and profound exploration of the records of all consciousness, Lumari EXPLAINS the inner workings of the Akashic and DESCRIBES new ways to access these vast resources.

Discover who the Akashic Records are, how their system of Universal wisdom really works and how to achieve a connection of your own. Through the writings and special meditations in this book, you will gain a true understanding of the Akashic Records and a deeper appreciation for Your Own Life.

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No one has ever shared the depths of this information about the real Akashic Records! This book is about forming a personal connection with the Akashic Records, but it is so much more. It is about how universal and ancient wisdom is held and protected throughout time. That gives me chills!

Jody Learner - Carmel, CA

This book is so clear, so simple and so profound! With Lumari's connections to the Akashic and the meditations in this book, I found a piece of my ancient past that had alluded me for my whole life. It was mine to retrieve and understand. Lumari's book, "AKASHIC RECORDS," helped me see into my own soul.

Saffron McKensey - Bethlehem, PA

EXPERIENCE THE WISDOM OF THE AGES AKASHIC RECORDS: Collective Keepers of Divine Expression by Lumari

The Akashic Records are the oldest and most ancient system of Wisdom. They hold the vast resources of all occurrences throughout time. Theirs is the repository of wisdom for all life in the Universe. The Collective Keepers of Divine Expression are the beings who gather, contain and protect all of this wisdom for eternity. In her book, Lumari shares the wisdom of the Akashic through unique channeled conversations with the Keepers of the Akashic Records.

  • Experience deeper spiritual understanding and connection.
  • Gain access to a clear, engaging and profound exploration of the records of all consciousness.

In this book, The Collective Keepers of Divine Expression discuss the actual workings of their system. They reveal how they receive information, how they gather it and contain it. Theirs is not just a library of human history. They collect the wisdom of the universe. Through these lively and profound channeled conversations with Lumari, the Collective Keepers share information about the many different ways individuals can and do access that information for their personal growth and enlightenment.

Akashic Records: Collective Keepers of Divine Expression goes beyond simple definitions and explanations. This book introduces new lessons never shared before so you can gain access to the wealth of wisdom within the Akashic itself and within your own life.

You may live a thousand years or a thousand lifetimes and never gain access to the profound information contained in this book

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Akashic Records: Intense read

I received this book yesterday and am taking my time reading every single word carefully. It is interesting, descriptive, and full of insightful analogies. I finished two chapters, went to bed last night, asked for direction from the Akashic Collective what my life's plan was. I dreamt last night about my walk through the woods with my husband into a wonderful garden with calla lillies and sculpted gardens, the feeling was overwhelmingly healing. My life's plan at this moment is about healing. Ask and you shall receive.....

Shonene Mclaughlin - NorthEast, Ohio

A Great Book on the Akashic Records Written by the Records Themselves

If you’re looking for book on the Akashic records and can't decide which one to get, I highly recommend this one. It should be noted that this book is a channeled work and the true authors of this work are the AKASHIC RECORDS THEMSELVES. Who better to tell you about the akashic records than the collective consciousness which is the akashic records?

Because this work is channeled from the akashic records themselves, expect answers far more exact than the human author counterparts you can find in other books. This book may be short but it is jam packed with useful information not only on the akashic records but useful for humanity as well.

Jimmy Ellis - Chicago, IL USA

Exciting read!!
I was so thrilled to receive this book and, after devouring every page, was not disappointed. All the information just made sense to me and made me want to try the exercises at the end of the book to attempt to tap into the vast information of the Akashic Records. I would highly recommend this book for any one desiring an explanation of the Akashic Records, whether novice or expert on the subject.

Linda Cable - Lebanon, MO

I highly recommend it!
I purchased this book with the hope of gaining additional insights re: the “Akashic Records” - what they are, how they work, and how one goes about accessing the information they hold. And, after reading “Akashic Records: Collective Keepers of Divine Expression”, I definitely feel as if I have a much better understanding of these things. I would highly recommend it to anyone interested in spirituality in general, and the akashic records in particular.

Katie - PA , USA

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