Amethyst Planet - a World of Transformation

AMETHYST PLANET is the structure for a creative ensemble of spiritual energies that celebrates illumination and enlightenment.

Our focus is to create and provide books, music, audio, art, jewelry and products that bring each person into a more "enlightened state of mind and a more brightened state of life". These products include meditations, music, jewelry, sacred geometry, sacred teachings, channeled information and accelerated spiritual frequencies to bring us all into a higher state of awareness and spiritual participation in our world.

Our Akashic Meditations, Alawashka Gatherings and Shollamaya Healing Trainings are a culmination of many years and many lifetimes of bringing new energies and new awareness to our world. Our site is a celebration of transformation and illumination.

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Lumari is an internationally known author, spiritual teacher, psychic and channel whose books, art and workshops have bring true transformaton and healing. She provides professional psychic and spiritual consulting services for individuals and businesses worldwide. Her abilities to explore hidden situations and provide comprehensive, pragmatic information helps her clients to live more joyful, fulfilling and successful lives. Lumari's Alawashka Gatherings, Akashic Records Workshops, Shollamaya Healing Training and events in spiritual discovery, sacred geometry and creation heighten personal awakening, healing and global transformation.

Lumari - psychic consultant, channel, spiritual teacher and author

Peter Bried Born into a family of diverse musical and artistic background, Peter Bried began his exploration of music and composition at the age of ten. Presently, Bried is working on compositions that form a partnership with, and enhance the healing arts. His music harmonizes a richer level of experience and deeper spiritual connectedness. Bried’s music engages the listener with inspirational melodies that evoke transcendent states of healing and meditation. His musical collaborations with Lumari expand her sacred and channeled Alawashka music to pure audio levels of transformation.

Peter Bried - musician, artist, healer

As a creative team, Lumari and Peter bring spiritual and vibrant energies and talents to their individual and collaborative works. We hope that this soulful and creative participation brings you a delightful awakening.

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akashic records ebook Learn about the Akashic Records and the Beings who hold the Wisdom of the Ages. In this clear, engaging and profound exploration of the records of all consciousness, Lumari EXPLAINS the inner workings of the Akashic and DESCRIBES new ways to access these vast resources.

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