Events and Workshops with Lumari

Heal The Past, Embrace The Now and
Create The Future

Dreamers, Creatives, Healers, Visionaries & Reality Builders

  • Do you want to live your Purpose?
  • Do you want to fulfill your highest visions?
  • Do you want to Awaken your Dream, Fulfill your Destiny and help Build the Reality of an abundant, sacred world?
  • Are you ready to shift your focus and bring in new, powerful energies and live the life you love?

If you said yes, then it's time to shift from your old Conditioning to a new Connection and be the "More of You"
How can you heal, transform and participate in your own creation?
That’s what this event is all about!

Alawashka Healing and Creation Day Online Workshop
This luxurious event will expand advanced spiritual, healing and creation energies into your life and your home. You can participate virtually or by phone, so you can experience the full expression, creation and healing you are ready to receive in the comfort of your own space.

6 Week Teleseminar for Healers, Artists, Creatives, Coaches or
Social Entrepreneurs at any level.

Heal Your Money Karma

Break Free of the limiting hold your
Money Karma Has On You

Free yourself and live abundantly

Your Money Karma is the unique relationship you have with money based on your entire existence as a soul in consciousness.

Your Money Karma has nothing to do with whether you have wealth and prosperity or whether you are struggling to make what you need and want. Everyone has karma related issues with money. No matter how much money you have, those issues shape your emotional connection to money.

Enjoy the money you do have and attract much more without the guilt, drama and judgment.

At my Heal Your Money Karma intensive, you’ll learn what your money karma really is (hint: it’s not what you think!) and how to apply these secrets to your business and finances, so that you stop giving away your power with money and begin generating more income, immediately. This magical workshop integrates profound, practical teachings for self-expression with deep transformational work.

In this 6 week intensive I will personally show you my secret systems for shifting your Money Karma, so you can move into comfort, freedom and harmony while generating, working with and amassing money, wealth and greater opportunities to shine.

Join us and Immerse Yourself in this the Simple, Effective and Powerful training to release your limiting beliefs, patterns and soul agreements about money, success, fame and wealth so you can be inspired in every aspect of your life

Alawashka® Gatherings

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How to Tune In and Be Open Without Absorbing Negative Energy

Claim Your Spiritual Real Estate ~ Home Study Course

Healers, Artists, Creatives, Coaches and Social Entrepreneurs LEARN TO STOP ABSORBING NEGATIVE ENERGY from clients, associates, friends and people in your life

Did you know that all Healers, Artists, Creatives, Coaches and Social Entrepreneurs absorb energy from clients, associates, friends and other people and they don’t even know that they do it?

This course will walk you through, step by step, how to stop absorbing anyone’s negative energy and keep your energy clear, while you follow your destiny, embrace your dreams and be an agent of transformation and service in our world.

You’ll discover:

  • How to Instantly Recognize and Distinguish Your Own Energy amongst the billions of swirling energies in our world
  • How to Stop Giving Away Your Own Energy and Start Following Your Own Destiny
  • Discover and remove the hidden blocks to your creativity and self-expression and attract more opportunities in your life
  • My Secrets to Connect To Your Deep Self and experience higher levels of personal growth, fulfillment, health and awareness
  • How to ‘Transform Your Context’ and work with clear energy to attract more money, greater success and receive greater rewards…and more!

This training course will benefit you whether you are a Healer, Artist, Creative, Coach or Social Entrepreneur or you are thinking about starting a new business. Even seasoned entrepreneurs need to re-focus their personal energy matrix at least once per year.

This live workshop is now available to you as a complete home-study course. Includes all exercise handouts, templates, checklists and more…all personally taught by me to help YOU discover the Inspired and authentic journey you are divinely meant to live.

Workshops and Events Testimonials

I experienced an amazing opportunity to manifest my fullest potential. Lumari's Alawashka Gathering is an expansive and gentle, yet profound deepening.

New Mexico

Lumari's teachings are simple, yet profound. She generously provides access to univeral energy and helps you overcome any obstacles with joy and ease.


I finally, after many years of searching, found what it feels like to truly love myself; to have my cup fill to overflowing.


Lumari's Alawashka Gatherings are the "real deal" - integral training for transformation. It is awesome, powerful, gracious. A rigourously easy training to assist you in being the change you want to see in the world.


Lumari's book, Alawashka, is a compelling exploration of the spiritual and physical evolution of humanity. This book presents the opportunities to heal the past, create your present and craft a positive global future for us all.
READ Lumari's groundbreaking book ALAWASHKA

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