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Healing, Personal Growth, Spiritual Development and Awareness

Living Inspired Learn How to connect with the real energies of inspiration

Akashic Records:
Learn about the Akashic Records from the beings who hold the wisdom of the ages and how to achieve a connection of your own.

Discover the nature of Creation, the evolution of humanity and the power of sacred language that will change your life and our world.

Emerge Dancing
Songs for Creation, Manifestation and Illumination. Experience sacred music of the Goddess sung in the Alawashka, the language of creation

Lumari's Guide to Crystals and Gems
Works with the metaphysical and Healing powers of Gemstones. Lumari's book reveals the power and qualities of over 200 stones.

Universal Suite
by Peter Bried
Meditation, Healing and Relaxation music. Bried's music guides you into beautiful spiritual energies to help you achieve true inner-peace.

Gemstone Mystic Jewelry by Lumari Each One-Of-A-Kind multicolored gemstone necklace infuses your life with the healing and metaphysical powers of gemstones.

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